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Salat, Zakah and Haddsch

Saladdadsch Touristic inc.

Vacation for praying

Saladdadsch Tourisic inc. offers honeymoon-trips on sale to south-pole mosque.

This kind'o Alaska feeling will bring you joy feeling close to prophet without having sun or heat preventions. You can pray day and night there, it is all convenient.

Salat and vegetarian attitude

don't become vegetable!

Farmer-knowledge says that you eat you is and people skittish are worrying not to become vegetable.
People all over the place are much more about seeming cherry. They strictly avoid vegetables and vegetablizers for not being vegetabled.

Kitchens all over the place got hooked: salad makes them pray, they say, and it is really a mess.

Federal Department appreciates people going on working in kitchens, no matter if vegetable, salad or motherfucking whatever is going on.
Local hospital appends that certain incidences happened where people was in fear someone could kill (them) in vegetable action (KVA).